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Discipleship is the one thing that kids really need today. Founded on a passion to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission, Through the Bible Publishers launched DiscipleLand in 1999 to champion children's discipleship around the globe.

The DiscipleLand family of Biblical resources includes nursery, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary materials for Sunday school, midweek, or children’s church settings. DiscipleLand is built on the Children's Discipleship System™ - an intentional, relational, and transformational process designed to help you make lifelong disciples who know God intimately, love God passionately, and serve God selflessly.

DiscipleLand’s Nursery Curriculum for birth to 36 months includes everything you and your volunteers need to provide spiritual nourishment to infants, toddlers, and 2-3 year-olds. Every Bible-based lesson is simple, self-contained, and easy to teach—nursery workers will be ready to go in minutes!

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DiscipleLand Preschool invites children ages 3 – 5 to begin walking with God. 200 different Bible stories acquaint them with God's power and His holy Word.

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DiscipleLand Kindergarten is a Bible curriculum for children ages 5-6. Your children will meet more than 48 different Bible personalities as they discover that Jesus is the special Hero who fulfilled God's plan to rescue them from sin.

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DiscipleLand provides three unsurpassed lines of Bible curriculum that offer what elementary-age kids need to live as devout Christians.

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Dee-Cy-Paul-Chip ("discipleship") hand puppets are featured in more than 300 puppet scripts found in DiscipleLand Preschool, DiscipleLand Kindergarten and the DiscipleLand Core Bible. These character puppets help your kids learn, remember, and respond to the Bible truths from every lesson’s puppet script.

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