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MAY 2018 volume 2

Author: Joanna Hor / Ng Zhi-wen / Bernice Tan / Tan Soo-inn
Category : Asian Author
Format: Softcover

Special Offer: $16.00
(U.P.: $20.00, 20% Off)


This book seeks to both encourage those who are serious about following Christ but who are struggling with same-sex attraction, and to challenge the church to lend a listening ear and a helping and welcoming hand. The stories in this book are told with pathos, honesty, and courage.

We must all recognise that whatever our story or struggle with sin (and we all have struggles), God has chosen us to be His children so that we can be conformed to the likeness of His Son. The church should understand this and provide a safe redemptive space to all of us sinners, whatever our problem, surrounded by the sheltering canopy of God’s unchanging truth and abiding love.

From the Foreword by Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon,
The Methodist Church in Singapore

Title : Workship 2

Author : Kara Martin

Category : Asian Author

Format: Softcover

Special Offer: $16.00
(U.P.: $20.00, 20% Off)

How does faith at work look like in reality? In this follow-up to Workship 1, Kara Martin shares more practical wisdom on making a difference in the workplace. Topics range from hospitality and leadership, to ethical issues and workplace conflict, to reflections on unemployment, women and work, and the future of work.

Kara also provides effective ways that churches can adopt to better equip their congregations to “workship”, addressing areas like service programmes, workplace visitations, and mentoring. From the church to the local community, Workship 2 helps bridge the sacred-secular divide and inspires workers to thrive in their working.

Category : Sermons & Preaching / Worship
Format: Softcover

Price: $39.50*each
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The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2019
The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2019 is a source of inspiration and edification for pastors, who so rarely are on the receiving end of preaching.

Each week's entry includes Primary Theme, Secondary Themes and Worship Helps. The volume also includes essays on preaching topics, full sermons, and sermon series ideas. The Annual is designed to stir the preacher's imagination; offer fresh, intriguing ideas; and point the preacher in a good direction.

The Abingdon Worship Annual 2019
The Abingdon Worship Annual 2019 (AWA 2019) offers fresh worship planning resources for all who plan and implement weekly worship. Worship leaders "need to offer prayers, prepare an order of worship, select music, and even prepare a sermon. Into that weekly task, we offer this resource to strengthen your ability to lead creatively and prepare consistently."

Liturgies and prayers are also included for New Year's Day, Ascension Day, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Eve.

Author : N/A
Category: Worship
Format: USB

Price: $294.00*
* Before Members Discount

The drive contains PowerPoint files of all the hymns, Psalter readings, orders of worship, prayers, services, and other materials that are in The United Methodist Hymnal. Cross & Flame and photographic backgrounds are used and are interchangeable. Includes easier to read fonts.

The files are listed by title and number as they appear in the official hymnal of the United Methodist Liturgical Psalter of 100 Psalms with responses. Services include Holy Communion, Baptism, Confirmation, and Renewal; Marriage; and Death and Resurrection (Funeral). Plus, there are topical and first-line indexes.

This edition offers ways the hymnal can be adapted for any worship setting or circumstance. It is a tool that makes it easier for a worship leader to craft meaningful experiences for worship.

For Windows and Macintosh. Some materials are in PDF documents.

Author : Scott Gibson
Category : Sermons & Preaching
Format: Softcover

Price: $34.00*
* Before Members Discount

Building on Haddon Robinson's philosophical approach to preaching, this book brings together accomplished evangelical preachers and teachers to help students and pastors understand the worlds—biblical, cultural, and personal--that influence and impact their preaching. The contributors explore the various inner and outer worlds in which a preacher functions with the goal of helping preachers sharpen their craft.

Author : Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell / Jason Byassee
Category: Church Ministry
Format: Softcover

Price: $29.50*
* Before Members Discount

Clergy suffer from certain health issues at a rate higher than the general population. Why are pastors in such poor health? And what can be done to help them step into the abundant life God desires for them?

Although anecdotal observations about poor clergy health abound, concrete data from multiple sources supporting this claim haven't been made accessible--until now. Duke's Clergy Health Initiative (CHI), a major, decade-long research project, provides a true picture of the clergy health crisis over time and shows that improving the health of pastors is possible. Combining the expertise of a health psychology researcher and a leading pastoral theologian, this book brings together the best in social science and medical research, quantifying the poor health of clergy with theological engagement about what can be done about it.

Although the study focused on United Methodist ministers, the authors interpret CHI's groundbreaking data for a broad ecumenical readership, explaining that the findings are applicable to all North American clergy. In addition to physical health, the book treads deep into the territory of mental health and spiritual well being, and suggests that increasing the presence of positive mental health may prevent future physical and mental health problems for clergy. The authors weave concrete suggestions tailored to clergy throughout the book.

Author : Tom Wright
Category : Paul
Format: Hardcover

Special Offer: $28.50
(U.P.: $38.00, 25% Off)

This compelling reconstruction of the life and thought of St Paul paints a vivid picture of the Roman world in which he preached his revolutionary message and explains the significance of his lasting impact on both the Church and the world.

Regarded by many as the founder of Christianity, Paul of Tarsus is one of the most controversial and powerful figures in history. His writings have had an incalculable influence on Western culture and beyond, and his words continue to guide the lives of over two billion Christians across the world today.

In this superbly detailed biography Tom Wright traces Paul's career from zealous persecutor of the fledgling Church, through his journeys as the world's greatest missionary theologian, to his likely death as a Christian martyr at the hands of Nero in the mid 60s CE. Drawing judiciously on the latest research into the Jewish, Greek and Roman worlds, and enriched by a wealth of critical insight into Paul's own writings, this is the most rounded portrait of the apostle ever painted—his development, motivations, spiritual struggles and intellectual achievements, and his lasting impact over two millennia.

Author : MercyMe
Category: MS-Group Albums
Format: Audio CD

Price: $21.90*
* Before Members Discount

In celebration of the global movie release, MercyMe is unveiling I Can Only Imagine – The Very Best of MercyMe, a 13 piece collection of the band's most beloved songs alongside a special version of the monumental hit "I Can Only Imagine" made just for the movie called "I Can Only Imagine (The Movie Session)."

Carefully selected by the band, the impressive track listing for this album includes their biggest hits such as "Flawless," "Word Of God Speak," "God With Us" plus the original version of "I Can Only Imagine."

Song List:
  1. I Can Only Imagine (The Movie Session)
  2. Greater
  3. God With Us (Album Version)
  4. Here With Me (Album Version)
  5. Word Of God Speak (Album Version)
  6. Move
  7. Flawless
  1. Shake
  2. The Hurt & The Healer
  3. Bring The Rain
  4. Homesick (Album Version)
  5. Dear Younger Me
  6. I Can Only Imagine


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