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JUNE 2018 volume 3

Since 2014, Museum of the Bible exhibits have travelled in over 5 states and 3 countries outside the US, and has opened a new permanent site in Washington D.C., late 2017. The resources above-mentioned and its extensive range of titles will help you learn more about the Bible itself, Biblical history, and the broader setting and context for Biblical events.

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Author(s) : Douglas Moo, Jonathan Moo & Jonathan Lunde /
Brian Rosner & Jonathan Lunde
Category : Theology
Format: Softcover

Creation Care:  $36.50*
Known By God: $44.00*
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Creation Care
In Creation Care, part of the Biblical Theology for Life series, father and son team Douglas and Jonathan Moo invite readers to open their Bibles afresh to explore the place of the natural world within God’s purposes and to celebrate God’s love as displayed in creation and new creation.

In addition to providing a comprehensive biblical theology of creation care, they probe behind the headlines and politicized rhetoric about an ‘environmental crisis’ and climate change to provide a careful and judicious analysis of the most up-to-date scientific data about the state of our world. They conclude by setting forth a bold framework and practical suggestions for an effective and faithful Christian response to the scriptural teaching about the created world.

Known by God
Known by God is built on the observation that humans are inherently social beings; we know who we are in relation to others and by being known by them. If one of the universal desires of the self is to be known by others, being known by God as his children meets our deepest and lifelong need for recognition and gives us a secure identity. Rosner argues that rather than knowing ourselves, being known by God is the key to personal identity.

He explores three biblical angles on the question of personal identity: being made in the image of God, being known by God and being in Christ. The notion of sonship is at the center - God gives us our identity as a parent who knows his child. Being known by him as his child gives our fleeting lives significance, provokes in us needed humility, supplies cheering comfort when things go wrong, and offers clear moral direction for living.

Editor : Johnson T. K. Lim
Category : Asian Author
Format : Softcover

Special Offer: $15.00
(U.P.: $20.00, 25% Off)

Twenty-two stellar scholars, theologians, homileticians, educators, preachers, teachers (United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore) in the academic and ecclesiastical inter-planetary galaxy have been assembled to produce this volume, Holy Spirit: Spokesperson, Scripture, Sermon, Society.

This volume seeks to be practical, biblical, and theological, with a proper and rightful emphasis given to the person, role, and work of the Holy Spirit in Christian ministry and living.

Foreword by Anthony C. Thiselton.

Contributors (A-Z):

Author : J. D. Greear
Foreword by: David Jeremiah

Category : Christian Living
Format: Softcover

Price: $25.00*
* Before Members Discount


We like God small. We prefer a God who is safe, domesticated, who thinks like we think, likes what we like, and whom we can manage, predict, and control. A small God is convenient. Practical. Manageable.

The truth: God is big. Bigger than big. Bigger than all the words we use to say big.

Ironically, many today seem turned off by the concept of an awesome, terrifyingly great God. We assume that a God you would need to fear is guilty of some kind of fault. For us, thinking of God as so infinitely greater and wiser than we are and who would cause us to tremble in his presence is a leftover relic from an oppressive, archaic view of religion.

But what if this small version of God we've created is holding us back from the greatest experience of our lives—from genuine, confident, world-transforming faith?

God is not just a slightly better, slightly smarter version of you. God is infinite and glorious, and an encounter with Him won't just change the way you think about your faith. It'll change your entire life.

Author : Nicky Gumbel
Category : New Christians
Format : Softcover

Price: $17.00*
* Before Members Discount

In this international bestseller, Alpha pioneer Nicky Gumbel addresses some of the foundational questions that challenge us all.

Questions of Life is a step-by-step guide to the basics of hte Christian faith by one of the world's most respected Christian leaders. This book explores key themes, questions and objections to faith, leading us on an engaging, personal journey of discovery.

Author : Jean Syswerda & Josh O'Brien
Category : Children Bible Stories
Format : Hardcover

Price: $25.00*
* Before Members Discount

The Super Heroes Storybook Bible is an action-packed Bible for children filled with eye-catching illustrations by Josh O'Brien and text based on the New International Reader's Version (NIrV). Children will be able to read more than forty stories about important and courageous characters of the Bible, such as Noah, Miriam, Moses, Jesus, Mary, and many more, demonstrating the rewards of becoming heroes for God.

In addition to inspiring NIrV Bible stories, this storybook Bible will also include call-outs that encourage readers to cultivate important traits like bravery, honesty, and kindness in order to become one of God's super heroes in their own life.

The cover of this book is printed on metallic paper and shimmer and shines with heroic detail.

Author: Museum of the Bible Books
Editor: Linda Washington
Category : Children Bible Stories
Format : Hardcover

Price: $25.00*
* Before Members Discount

The Bible is the cornerstone of faith traditions around the world; here are 100 best-loved Bible stories presented in a beautiful hardcover edition for children aged 5 to 8. The stories are written in a manner that is appropriate for either a read-to-me audience or early readers, and the collection includes both Old and New Testament stories.

The artwork that accompanies the stories is collected from children around the world, highlighting cultures across the globe and reflecting the diversity of visitors to the Museum of the Bible. Additionally, by showcasing the unique perspectives that children bring to their understanding of these stories, this collection will allow young readers to see the Bible as something with which they can personally engage.


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