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SEPTEMBER 2018 volume 4

Author : John Ortberg

Category : Author Section (Selected)

Format : Softcover
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Something in us is waiting — for what, we don't know. Something different? Something better?

For Christians, perhaps the deepest expression of what we're waiting for is found in the phrase 'eternal life'. But what is eternal life? Why do we want it? And how do we know if we have it?

In Eternity is Now in Session, bestselling author John Ortberg dispels the myth that eternal life is something way out in outer space that we can only hope to experience after we die — and that being saved is merely about meeting the minimal entrance requirements for getting into heaven. Instead, John unpacks the reality that the moment we trust Christ, we are initiated into 'eternal living' with God as a here-and-now reality, one that will continue beyond our life on this earth.

Jesus defined eternal life just once, in John 17:3: '... that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent'. The kind of 'knowing God' that is eternal life is an interactive relationship, not just an affirmation of certain facts about God. Once we begin the transformative journey of truly knowing God, we can start to experience his presence, favour and resurrection power right here on earth — in the details, tasks and challenges of daily, ordinary life.

And as we begin to know God this way, we'll realise each moment of our lives is a vehicle to the eternity we've been longing for.

Authors : Various Authors

Category : Martin Luther
Format : Softcover

Price: $14.50*

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Who was Martin Luther? It’s an interesting question—one that is not easily answered, because beyond “reformer,” this famous sixteenth-century figure was also a faithful husband, loving father, fervent pastor, generous friend, talented musician, prolific writer, and brilliant scholar.

Who Was Martin Luther? introduces you to the person and work of Martin Luther, exploring his fascinating life, his family, his faith, and his many vocations, to help you better understand the depth of the man famously known for his role in the Protestant Reformation.

Featuring twelve unique essays and select excerpts from Luther’s own writings, Who Was Martin Luther? is the perfect place to start if you’re even a little bit curious about this incredibly brilliant and influential figure in history—a man of incredible determination and unwavering faith.

Author : Rob Fuquay

Category : Lutheranism

Format : Softcover

Price: $22.00*
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Justified by faith. This battle cry of the Protestant Reformation is just as relevant and true for Christians today as it was in Martin Luther's time.

In A New Reformation, author Rob Fuquay introduces you to the life of Martin Luther and two important themes of the Reformation he sparked: the centrality of Scripture and the power of God's grace. Through a close look into the life of Martin Luther and the world of sixteenth-century Europe, you will discover what makes Luther's message revolutionary today—and how we can embrace Reformation in the church and in our personal lives.

Additional components for a six-week study include a DVD featuring author and pastor Rob Fuquay filmed in Prague, Dresden, Leipzig, Wittenberg, Erfurt, Eiselben, Worms, and Mainz and a comprehensive Leader Guide, each sold separately.

Author : Ginger Gaines-Cirelli

Category : Church Ministry
Format: Softcover

Price: $22.00*
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In the midst of polarized communities and nations, religious leaders across the theological spectrum are seeking help with how to respond and lead in troubled times. The need for courage to speak out and act is ever-present, because every generation faces a new set of fears and troubles.

Author Ginger Gaines-Cirelli pastors a church in the heart of Washington DC, adjacent to the White House, which actively works to bring justice and help for marginalized communities, refugees and immigrants, and the endangered earth. She inspires and leads this work through preaching and by organizing and developing strong leaders, deeply rooted in a well-developed theological understanding. Pastoral warmth and compassion characterize the recommended practices.

Sacred Resistance addresses these questions, among others:

  • When Christians see that something is wrong in our nation or community, how and when should we respond?
  • When we see multiple instances of 'wrong', how do we choose which ones to address?
  • How can pastors and other leaders faithfully take risks without violating relationships with the congregation or denomination?
  • What historical, biblical, and theological safety nets can be relied on?
  • How can we take care of ourselves and one another, so that our ministries and lives are sustained?

Author : Neil Anderson &
Rich Miller
Category : Author Section (Selected)
Format : Softcover

Price: $23.50*
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It sounds strange, doesn’t it? Exchanging your fears for another. But the fear of God has the power to extinguish every anxiety that keeps you from living in hope. 

Bestselling authors Neil Anderson and Rich Miller want to show you how to let go of the common but harmful fears of failure, evil, and death and find safety in your relationship with God. As you uncover the path to true freedom, you’ll also see where your fears come from and why it’s exceedingly important to break their hold on you now.

Come, trade your worry-filled days and nights for a worshipful life. See how “in the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence” (Proverbs 14:26)—all you need to live courageously and peacefully, even in frightening times.

Author : Jared Mellinger

Category : Christian Living
Format: Softcover

Price: $26.50*
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Packed with biblical truth, A Bright Tomorrow addresses anxiety about an uncertain future by reminding readers of what they can be certain of–God's grace, his unshakeable promises, and the hope of resurrection. Jared Mellinger helps readers remember their security in Christ in the midst of parental fears, cultural decline, aging, death, and facing the unknown.

The future is scary, and Jared Mellinger knows we live in a world full of daunting change, frightening uncertainties, and concerning circumstances. Parenting fears, old age, death, and illness are just a few of the common anxieties that weigh on the hearts and minds of most of us at some point in our lives. If you're a Christian who obsesses over the future or ignores it for good reason, this book is for you. Lasting comfort and peace are found in Christ, who has secured a place for his people and offers a bright tomorrow based on the solid ground of God's promises.

A Bright Tomorrow equips Christians with biblical truths laid out in Scripture to face the future with confidence. Readers will learn to face their fears and worries about the future by living right now in view of the gospel of hope and the promise of life everlasting.

This life-changing book will lead Christians to grasp onto certain hope, transforming the way they think about God, themselves, and the world around them. True courage comes from knowing the end of the story, and as Christians with forward-looking hope, we can be eternal optimists and fight fear of the future through Jesus our champion, who gives us victory over death.

Author : Stephen Arterburn
Category : Healing
Format : Softcover

Price: $28.00*
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Do You Want to Get Well?

The power to heal—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually—is in God’s hands. But the choice to be healed is yours. Everyone, at some level, needs healing. You may have prayed for healing many times, for many years. Perhaps you have lived with your brokenness so long that you have become accustomed to it. Maybe you wonder just when God is going to take all the hurt away.

He can. But you also must choose to let the hurt go and let the healing begin.

In this special edition of Healing Is a Choice, author Stephen Arterburn offers a unique combination of book and workbook, outlining ten choices crucial to receiving healing. Embracing these choices means rejecting the lies we often tell ourselves. These are not hoops God requires you to jump through to earn your miracle; they form, instead, the journey He desires for you. He can—and will—walk with you. But you must put one foot in front of the other and choose to let the hurt go and let the healing begin.

Author : Michael Newman
Category : Suffering / Death
Format : Softcover

Price: $22.00*

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Whether you have lost a job, a dream, a friendship, or a loved one, you mourn. You might mourn for a few weeks, or your grief may extend for years. Sadness seems to build a permanent residence in your bones, weighing down your soul. You wonder if you'll ever feel whole again.

Then—hope. God plunges into your heartbreak and works abiding and holy transformation in your life. It may take months or years for you to heal, but you can ground your hope for healing in Jesus. He will always be your hope when your heart breaks.

Let this book be a place of refuge and a point of reference as you navigate the path of grief. Browse the table of contents and find what speaks to you. As you read, may you discover what you need the most in the midst of grief—hope.

Author : Kathryn Ziegler Weber

Category : Suffering / Death
Format: Softcover

Price: $22.00*
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Why my baby?

Why? We ask it repeatedly. We seek answers and comfort, and we struggle to make sense of our sorrow.

At the core of our questions is doubt. Does God really have our best interests at heart? If so, then . . . why?

These stories of others who have suffered miscarriage and infant loss will encourage you to look to God's Word for hope. His Word will guide you in your pilgrimage with grief, offering you the comfort and joy that only Christ can bring.

Our heavenly Father remains present, merciful, faithful, and compassionate.

You are never forsaken. God's mercy is yours through the work of Christ Jesus in your life . . . and in your baby's life.


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"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."
—Matthew 11:29-30 NIV

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