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OCTOBER 2018 volume 1

Author : Joel Heck

Category : Author Section (Selected)

Format : Softcover

Price: $22.00*
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From Atheism to Christianity: The Story of C. S. Lewis is the spiritual homecoming story of Clive Staples Lewis, a careful and thoughtful scholar who spent fifteen years journeying the long road from atheism to theism and, eventually, to Christianity. Drawing from Lewis's own writings, as well as those he sought out during his quest for spiritual understanding, From Atheism to Christianity highlights the longing, reluctance, searching, and surrender that defined these years of Lewis's life and provides answers to the questions that surround this profound character:

  • What attracted Lewis to atheism and eventually Christianity?
  • How did he leave atheism behind?
  • Why did his journey take fifteen years?
  • Who influenced his thought during those years?
  • What authors did he read, and whom did he interact with and confide in?

Explore the most tumultuous and defining years of C. S. Lewis's life, gathering clues that reveal the meaning of life for contemporary atheists and theists—all from the perspective of one who knew both atheism and Christianity from the inside.

"Remember, I had always wanted, above all things, not to be 'interfered with.' I had wanted (mad wish) 'to call my soul my own.'" —C. S. Lewis

Authors : Lucy Lim

Category : Asian Author
Format : Softcover

Price: $20.00*
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How would you respond if you were diagnosed with cancer... not just once, but twice? Joy Beyond Cancer is about the challenging, yet inspiring journey of a woman who refuses to allow cancer to take over her life. Joy is not normally associated with cancer, yet Lucy exudes joy even when faced with a bad prognosis. What's her secret?

Lucy reveals her fears and struggles and shares how she found true restedness and faith in God. For anyone going through a personal life crisis, Joy Beyond Cancer will challenge you to consider your True Security in life.

Lucy Lim has been actively serving the Lord for over 40 years, in her church, as well as VisionTrust Asia, Bible Study Fellowship and Singapore Youth For Christ. A teacher at heart, her passion is to bring God's Word to women and the next generation. Recently retired due to her cancer prognosis, she now enjoys spending time with her family, individuals, groups and women at large.

Author : Tom Wright

Category : Author Section (Selected)

Format : Softcover

Price: $17.00*
* Before Members Discount

Join Tom Wright on a journey with the Apostles, exploring the New Testament themes of thankfulness, patience, humility and joy.

Within each of these themes, Wright offers a week of daily readings and meditations, beginning with the Sunday reading in the Revised Common Lectionary and ending with stimulating questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

Drawing on key passages in his popular For Everyone series of commentaries, these sparkling reflections take you on a journey of spiritual enlightenment, guiding you towards the wonder and joy of Christmas.

Author : Richard Coekin

Category : Christian Living
Format: Softcover

Price: $15.00*
* Before Members Discount


Jonah is famous for being a reluctant evangelist. But God had other plans!

If we're honest, we are also often very reluctant when it comes to telling others about Jesus. We can learn from God's dealings with Jonah about how to be effective for the Lord, whom we love and want to serve. We can move from can't and don't to can and do.

Like Jonah we need learn to trust his awesome power (chapter 1), experience his sovereign grace (chapter 2), fear his coming judgment (chapter 3) and share his gut-wrenching compassion (chapter 4). All this is perfectly revealed in Jesus, the divine Evangelist, and as we look to him and as the Holy Spirit fills our hearts with his evangelistic compassion, our hearts will sing with the melodic line of Jonah, “Salvation comes from the LORD” (Jonah 2:11) and our lives will erupt with the evangelistic enterprise that our cities so desperately need.

Author : Stephen Arterburn & David Stoop
Category : Counselling & Psychology
Format : Softcover

Price: $22.00*
* Before Members Discount


This compassionate and helpful book educates both the mind and heart in the power of addiction and the way to help others find healing.

When a family member or friend is addicted to drugs or alcohol the situation can feel hopeless and confusing. In this book, David Stoop and Stephen Arterburn help readers develop a plan of action by offering:

•    Insight into brain chemistry and addiction
•    Real-life ideas for encouraging healthy choices
•    Guidance in how to help without enabling
•    The connection between depression, ADD, and trauma

Stoop and Arterburn have helped thousands of people around the country understand chemical addiction and how to love someone well in the midst of this gripping disease.

Part of the Arterburn Wellness Series.

Author : Heather Ruesch

Category : Sexuality
Format: Softcover

Price: $22.00*
* Before Members Discount


Teens hear a lot of conflicting viewpoints about sex.

The world tells them to follow their heart and do what feels right—that sex isn't a big deal, that pornography isn't harmful, that modesty is old-fashioned.

But that's not how God designed sex. Sex is a precious and sacred gift to be enjoyed in the right context, according to God's design.

Sexuality Mentality encourages parents, pastors, teachers, and youth workers to have honest conversations with teens about pornography, self-pleasure, homosexuality, modesty, the value of human life, and, yes, sex.

God gives you grace upon grace to teach your children about purity according to His Word. He equips you to connect to the deeper wisdom the Bible provides and begin the conversation about sexual integrity.

Category : Classics
Format : Softcover

Price: $11.00*each
* Before Members Discount
Short and engaging little books that offer real spiritual meat, but are accessibly written for the modern reader.

Featuring a new series on the Christian Faith by Banner of Truth Trust: Banner Mini-Guides.

The series is divided into five sections:

  • Key Truths
  • Christian History
  • Christian Living
  • Christian Mind
  • Christian Mission

Each title will provide an outline of the subject in simple, easy to understand, terms. Enough information is provided to enlarge your understanding of the theme, but with the goal of whetting your appetite and encouraging you to explore the subject in more detail. Suggestions for further reading are included in each book.

The hope is that new believers will be helped by these simple introductions to different aspects of the Christian faith, while more mature believers will find them helpful reminders and summaries of the important truths which guide their Christian lives.

Each book is deliberately kept around 100 pages long, great accessibility for those who are not regular readers. They are also very affordable and could be used as gifts to encourage people to read. Recommended for group studies, or as the basis for Sunday school or Bible class lessons, as each book is divided into 13 chapters to fit with teaching quarters.


Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence. —Matthew 22:37 MSG

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Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.
—Matthew 22:37 MSG

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