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DECEMBER 2018 volume 1

Author : Joel Beeke
Category : Sermon & Preaching
Format : Hardcover
Sale Price: $47.20
(U.P.: $59.00, 20% Off)


We’ve all heard sermons that sound more like a lecture, filling the head but not the heart. And we’ve all heard sermons tailored to produce an emotional experience, filling the heart but not the head. But biblical preaching both informs minds and engages hearts—giving it the power to transform lives. By the Spirit’s grace, biblical preaching brings truth home from the heart of the preacher to the heart of the hearer.

Joel Beeke—a pastor and professor of preaching with over four decades of experience—explores the fundamental principles of Reformed experiential preaching, examining sermons by preachers from the past and bridging the historical gap by showing pastors what the preaching of God’s life-transforming truth looks like today.

Author : Darryl Dash
Category : Christian Living
Format : Softcover
Sale Price: $17.60
(U.P.: $22.00, 20% Off)


Do you feel stuck or stagnant? Are you tired of going through the motions of faith? Do you want to make real progress in your life, but not know where to start? How to Grow is a book for people who want to grow spiritually and help others grow as well.

We often see the gospel as the starting point of the Christian life, rather than the main point of all of life. But the truth is that the gospel is the key to all ongoing growth in our lives. As Galatians 2:14 says, we are called to live our whole lives “in step with the truth of the gospel.” In How to Grow, Darryl Dash will walk you through a practical, habit-based approach to spiritual growth.

Join Darryl as he unpacks the gospel, shows how it applies to every area of your life, and helps you evaluate your current stage of growth so you know what steps to take next. You'll learn why habits are important, how to build them, and which ones to focus on first. Plus, you'll discover the roles that joy and desire play in our spiritual growth journey.

Practical without being formulaic, How to Grow offers actionable ideas to facilitate spiritual growth in the lives of regular, messy people—people like you and me.

Author : J. P. Moreland

Category : Apologetics
Format : Softcover
Sale Price: $20.00
(U.P.: $25.00, 20% Off)


Rigid adherence to scientism—as opposed to a healthy respect for science—is all too prevalent in our world today. Rather than leading to a deeper understanding of our universe, this worldview actually undermines real science and marginalizes morality and religion.

Author : Stephen Grcevich

Category : Health & Diet

Format : Softcover
Sale Price: $21.20
(U.P.: $26.50, 20% Off)


The church across North America has struggled to minister effectively with children, teens, and adults with common mental health conditions and their families. One reason for the lack of ministry is the absence of a widely accepted model for mental health outreach and inclusion.

In Mental Health and the Church: A Ministry Handbook for Including Children and Adults with ADHD, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, and Other Common Mental Health Conditions, Dr. Stephen Grcevich presents a simple and flexible model for mental health inclusion ministry for implementation by churches of all sizes, denominations, and organizational styles.

The model is based upon recognition of seven barriers to church attendance and assimilation resulting from mental illness: stigma, anxiety, self-control, differences in social communication and sensory processing, social isolation and past experiences of church. Seven broad inclusion strategies are presented for helping persons of all ages with common mental health conditions and their families to fully participate in all of the ministries offered by the local church.

The book is also designed to be a useful resource for parents, grandparents and spouses interested in promoting the spiritual growth of loved ones with mental illness.

Author : Mark Dever
Category : Christian Living
Format : Softcover
Sale Price: $15.20
(U.P.: $19.00, 20% Off)




  1. One Great Story of Promises Made and Promises Kept
  2. A Particular History
  3. A Passion for Holiness
  4. A Promise of Hope
  5. The Promised Redeemer: Christ
  6. The Promised Relationship: A New-covenant People
  7. The Promised Renewal: A New Creation Conclusion: Believing God’s Promises
    Questions for Reflection on the Whole Bible


  1. Is the Old Testament Really Worth Reading?
  2. A Particular History
  3. A Passion for Holiness
  4. A Promise of Hope
    Questions for Reflection on the Old Testament


  1. Where Do You Set Your Hopes?
  2. Christ
  3. A New-covenant People
  4. A New Creation
    Conclusion: The Maker and Keeper of Promises 
    Questions for Reflection on the New Testament

Author : Robbie Castleman

Category : Parenting
Format : Softcover
Sale Price: $18.80
(U.P.: $23.50, 20% Off)


She believes that Sunday morning isn't a success if she has only managed to keep the kids quiet. And she knows there's more to church for kids than trying out their new coloring books. Children are at church for the same reason as their parents: for the privilege of worshiping God.

Worship, Castleman writes, is "the most important thing you can ever train your child to do." So with infectious passion, nitty-gritty advice and a touch of humor, she shows you how to help your children (from toddlers to teenagers) enter into worship.

In this significantly revised and updated edition Castleman includes a new preface and two new appendices that provide new perspectives on children's sermon and intergenerational community. She also provides a study guide for personal reflection or group discussion. More than ever, Parenting in the Pew is essential reading for parents and worship leaders who want to help children make joyful noises unto the Lord.

Author : Steve Zollos
Category : Parenting Teens
Format : Softcover
Sale Price: $16.40
(U.P.: $20.50, 20% Off)


Time for The Talk will help fathers walk their sons through one of the most important conversations of their lives. “The Talk” is much broader than just a talk about sexuality; it’s a conversation about manhood, about right decisions, about Christ.

Time for The Talk will help you give your son what he needs to steer through the moral and spiritual confusion of this world and make wise, godly, character-forming decisions. You will be equipping him to enter true manhood—a passage that many young men today simply never make.


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