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Names of Jesus || Prayer of Jesus || Cross of Jesus

The Names of Jesus

Warren Wiersbe explores fourteen names of Jesus from both the Old and New Testaments and explains their meaning as well as their relevance to believers today. These names underscore the richness of Jesus' person and ministry, showing him to be as relevant and caring as ever. You will see a Savior who is sufficient to handle the decisions, demands, and disturbances of life. Wiersbe exhorts Christians to encounter Christ and allow his many names and attributes to minister to ever facet of their lives.

The Prayer of Jesus

The greatest prayer ever prayed is recorded in John 17. The Son of God opened his heart to his Father, and prayed for us. Here Jesus reveals his priorities for the church he came to create. Warren Wiersbe shows us how these priorities must be ours too: God's glory, truth, assurance, obedience, a unity that impresses the world, and holy living.


The Cross of Jesus


'A hideous mistake'. 'The pivotal event of world history'.  -- These are but two of the multitude of opinions expressed down the ages about the momentus and mysterious crucifixion of Jesus. Warren Wiersbe takes us right back to the scene and shows us how Jesus himself understood the meaning of the cross, why he endured it, and what he actually said as he hung there. It becomes clear that Jesus was confronting cosmic forces. But, more than that, he was accomplishing his Father's purpose that would ultimately affect the destiny of our lives.

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A God's-Eye View of Ageing

As we get older, some of us grow more frenetic in our anxiety to demonstrate that the force is still with us. Others withdraw, often quite abruptly.

What is God’s view of ageing? The Bible has much to say, and many stories to tell, about those who did great things, those who did ordinary things well, those who prayed, those who used their gifts, those who suffered, those who went right to the end – and those who, in later years, got it absolutely wrong.

How are we going to face the prospect of ageing? Will we subside, give up? Or shall we view retirement as a gift from God, an opportunity to reach out to others? Our older years are full of possibilities, not least of which is that of helping others find Christ.

‘God’s purpose for us is to show, as we get older, that he gives us his strength and, through our experiences of him, his wisdom,’ says Ian Knox. ‘God is not finished with us. In our later years we are not only to be blessed, but to be a blessing and bring a blessing.’

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interpreting Jesus || Interpreting Scripture || Interpreting Paul

Interpreting Jesus - Essays On The Gospels

Interpreting Scripture - Essays On The Bible And Hermeneutics

Interpreting Paul - Essays On The Apostle & His Letters

Compiled into 3 volumes, these essays bring together N. T. Wright’s most important articles on Jesus, Paul, & Scripture - they are a brilliant trilogy of Wright's works gathered from over almost four decades.

Here is a rich feast for all serious students of the Bible. Each essay will amply reward those looking for detailed, incisive & exquisitely nuanced exegesis, resulting in a clearer, deeper & more informed appreciation of 

  • the recent advances in Jesus studies, & their significance for theology today.
  • Scripture & its application to Christian life & thought today.
  • Paul & the relevance of his teaching to Christian life & thought today.
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