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This week's new arrivals comprises many helpful books to help you get understanding to love God AND Others well - spouse or kids, friends or strangers. Be inspired to love in spite of shortcomings - be it others or yours!


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"Most theology taught today is anthropology; it is man-centered. You and I are living in the 'me-generation'."
Seek The Praise That Comes From God Alone

Seek Honor & Praise from God, Not People.

Many Christians seek the approval of people as much as they seek the approval of God. They may worship and praise the Lord, but would they take a bold stand for righteousness? Or follow God's leading, even if it means losing the approval of others?

It’s time to learn what a life truly surrendered to God — and God alone — looks like. Stop being motivated by fear of others. Live the life He has purposed for you.

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"It's not just that we love (Christ); it's that we love everything else that we love in (Christ)."
Can You Love God & Enjoy This World?
Learn to Delight in God and in His Good Gifts

Pumpkin crunch cake. Game night with friends. Jazz music. Baseball. These are good gifts — and potential threats to the worship of God. 

At the heart of the Christian life is a tension between the supremacy of God over all things and the enjoyment of all things for his sake. In this short book, Joe Rigney offers a biblical vision for enjoying God in everything and enjoying everything in God. God's gifts are invitations to know and enjoy him more deeply, and as this truth is impressed upon our hearts, we will discover that the things of earth grow strangely bright in the light of his glory and grace.

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"People are deep wells - they have thoughts and opinions that are stored far below the surface. Sadly, these depths will remain hidden to most - unplumbed except by the few wise and discerning people who know how to draw them out."
Reflecting Human Worth In How We Listen And Talk

We humans talk a lot, so you’d think we’d be good at communicating with one another. But . . . well, we’re not. And the result is hurt, misunderstandings, frustration, division, and sometimes all-out war.

Yet whether we’re trying to repair a relationship, interact on social media, or understand someone whose beliefs differ from our own, there is hope! The people around us bear God’s image. As we learn to treat them accordingly, our communication will become a powerful means of showing God’s love to them.

Laying out eleven key principles for loving conversation, Pastor Tim Shorey guides us to a memorable, scriptural approach to communication that can transform our relationships.

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