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Posted On: 16 Jul 2013

Posted By: Fabian Lim

Dear Friends, I have drifted in my walk with the Lord for many years. Going thru the rituals of christian living and miss the God of reality. Pray for me that I will make God to be center of my life. thank you.


Posted On: 20 Jun 2013

Posted By: Terrence Yue

Dear Almighty God Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that you will bless me with spiritual wisdom and the determination and to score well for my examinations. I would like you to watch me over the next year as I have an important year for which I'm doing civil engineering. In Jesus's name I pray. Amen.


Posted On: 20 Jun 2013

Posted By: Hanna

Dear God, Help me so that I can sing prayers to people.


Posted On: 20 Jun 2013

Posted By: Wai Kit

Dear Jesus Christ, please let papa yew loon open his heart to receive your love!


Posted On: 20 Jun 2013

Posted By: Lee Rae

I hope that all my exams go well!


Posted On: 20 Jun 2013

Posted By: Shannen

Dear God, I pray that you let me have more friends and be obedient in school and at home. Thank you for everything you have done for me!


Posted On: 13 May 2013

Dear God, Please bless my friend Peishi to have a blessing marriage! Hope that things will turn well again for her family!


Posted On: 13 May 2013

Posted By: David

Dear God, I wish nobody will bully me in school. Thank you!


Posted On: 13 May 2013

Posted By: Jordan O.

I have some friends that don't know Jesus. Please pray.


Posted On: 13 May 2013

Dear God, Please love the family of Derrick a& his parents & siblings that they may receive your true salvation.


Posted On: 13 May 2013

Posted By: HK & SX

We pray that our wedding will be one that honors God and bring more people to Christ!


Posted On: 16 Apr 2013

Lets pray for all the victims their families of the Boston marathon tragedy! Our heart goes out to them!


Posted On: 16 Apr 2013

Lord, granpa is ailing and mum said he was hallucinating. Please heal him and grant him relief. Please provide mum with the support and comfort she needs to help her through this. I raise them to You Lord. Please be merciful. In Jesus' name, amen.


Posted On: 16 Apr 2013

Posted By: Missy A

I am praying for those who are affected by the bomb last in Boston, especially the family of those 3 who were killed. I pray for peace and comfort for those who are grieving right now, may His grace and mercy be upon them.


Posted On: 10 Apr 2013

Posted By: D

Please help to pray for me, I think I am suffering from depression...


Posted On: 01 Apr 2013

Posted By: T

Please help to pray that Michael will recover fully from his femur operation and that there will be no complications resulting from the surgery.


Posted On: 15 Mar 2013

Posted By: John N Biswas

I am traveling to Bangladesh mission field on March 15th 2013. As you know, Bangladesh is going through a time of chaos and political unrest. So please pray for my travel mercy. God's blessings be with you and your loved ones.


Posted On: 15 Mar 2013

Posted By: Joshua

Dear Lord, Please help me find a job that will teach me how to balance work and my life...everything seems to be falling apart...


Posted On: 19 Feb 2013

Posted By: Daniel

I pray that I will be able to find a church to settle down and start serving soon!


Posted On: 07 Feb 2013

Posted By: Ruby

Dear Lord God, I glorify your Holy name, I want to feel your Holy presence my Lord God. Thank you for giving me this chance to pray for me Oh Lord. Halleluah. Please grant me Oh LOrd what my heart longs to. To find Job immediately in Singapore. Please grant me strength and knowledge during interviews so that i can feel confident that i can find job. Grant this Oh Lord,I proclaim I've already claimed it Lord, In Jesus Name. Amen.