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Posted On: 16 Apr 2013

Posted By: Missy A

I am praying for those who are affected by the bomb last in Boston, especially the family of those 3 who were killed. I pray for peace and comfort for those who are grieving right now, may His grace and mercy be upon them.


Posted On: 10 Apr 2013

Posted By: D

Please help to pray for me, I think I am suffering from depression...


Posted On: 01 Apr 2013

Posted By: T

Please help to pray that Michael will recover fully from his femur operation and that there will be no complications resulting from the surgery.


Posted On: 15 Mar 2013

Posted By: John N Biswas

I am traveling to Bangladesh mission field on March 15th 2013. As you know, Bangladesh is going through a time of chaos and political unrest. So please pray for my travel mercy. God's blessings be with you and your loved ones.


Posted On: 15 Mar 2013

Posted By: Joshua

Dear Lord, Please help me find a job that will teach me how to balance work and my life...everything seems to be falling apart...


Posted On: 19 Feb 2013

Posted By: Daniel

I pray that I will be able to find a church to settle down and start serving soon!


Posted On: 07 Feb 2013

Posted By: Ruby

Dear Lord God, I glorify your Holy name, I want to feel your Holy presence my Lord God. Thank you for giving me this chance to pray for me Oh Lord. Halleluah. Please grant me Oh LOrd what my heart longs to. To find Job immediately in Singapore. Please grant me strength and knowledge during interviews so that i can feel confident that i can find job. Grant this Oh Lord,I proclaim I've already claimed it Lord, In Jesus Name. Amen.


Posted On: 23 Jan 2013

Posted By: Kamer Piersssens

PLS pray that my life partner in Christ will be seen this week..I have been waiting for 11 years and I can not go on any more-I did everything possible-prayed,praised,did earnest prayers-been patient-had faith-everything possible..I have a rhema from my Abba that I have a husband in Christ BUT I NEED this husband to be patience any more...exhausted from loneliness..pls pls pray..I want Him to glorify His name and do me the best ...thanks..bless you..


Posted On: 23 Jan 2013

Posted By: R

Please help to pray for my grandmother who has suffered a stroke last year and has yet to recover full function of her body. Her condition has worsened recently, please help to pray that she recovers soon.


Posted On: 02 Jan 2013

Posted By: Benny S

Dear Heavenly Father, I want to pray for "M". I hope that she could be the light within her family, so one day her complete family can pray to You too, pray in the name of Jesus. Also give her spirit in serving You in every aspect of her life. The last is, I pray that she could have someone who carry on her closer to You. Amen


Posted On: 24 Dec 2012

Posted By: CASEY ONG



Posted On: 24 Dec 2012

Posted By: DYLAN



Posted On: 24 Dec 2012



Posted On: 24 Dec 2012



Posted On: 24 Dec 2012

Posted By: LEE

希望家人和自己健康快乐。 世界末日前日最大的心愿。 thank you!


Posted On: 05 Dec 2012

Posted By: Fabian Sim

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that I will be able to watch TV, surf the net, read newspapers ... etc without the feeling that the article or the tv program is "talking to me". I prayed a couple of times before but still it persist. Also, I will like to pray from pain. At times, I would feel pain on my hands as if a really thick needle pierced through into my veins. I pray that no spirits will be able to harm me or the members of my household or to be around any of us and to those whom are experiencing what I am going through now. Please help. In the most precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!!!


Posted On: 05 Dec 2012

Posted By: Teo Family

Our Father Lord, Please give us the strength to harmonise as a family Pray foe those around us to live in bliss and no suffering Our father lord, we have faith in you Lord Amen


Posted On: 05 Dec 2012

Posted By: GW

Pray that my friend,SC's father building machine(his own creation)will complete by God's divine timing and resources.God will be GLORIFIED. Thank you


Posted On: 05 Dec 2012

Posted By: Agape

Dear Father God. I pray for your mercy,grace, protection and delivence for all my brothers and sisters in church. Use us extensively for your mighty kimdom, to do your will.Less of us,more of you.More of Jesus Amen!


Posted On: 05 Dec 2012

Posted By: Doana

亲爱的阿爸天父,我希望妳常常照亮我女儿。给她 wisdom& patience.给她 eagar to learn. Especially 明年她将去小一。感谢主。Amen!