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Posted On: 30 Aug 2012

Posted By: Marie GMC

I love God and will do anything He asks me to do. Next year, 2013, I have a new ministry in church - Evangelism Ministry. Pls pray that as I obey, God will lead me to do the things/events that He wants done and through this ministry He will bring souls into His Kingdom!


Posted On: 28 Aug 2012

Posted By: Inga

My husband was disagoned with esophageal cancer in April. He has undergone chemo and radiation therapy. Through this, he has found a true relationship with our Lord Jesus and not just a mental knowledge. For that I am thankful. God has had him in the palm of his hand and he has tolerated this treatment with little side effects although this has not been easy. His last PET scan showed no hot spots or active cancer but it is still recommended that he have surgery to remove his esophagus. He is scared to death despite his faith and prayers. Our hope is that God would perform a healing miracle so that the surgery and life style change would not be necessary. If he should allow this surgery to be performed, we are standing in faith that all will be well and he will be cured. My husband is 58.Due to this disease, my husband was forced to retire; thankfully, he has been approved for disability. These payments will not begin until December and we have taken measures to reduce our financial load. So far, God has blessed us and provided but by my eyes and finite mind, this money will not last past another month or two. I feel maybe it would be best to sell our house, horses, and goats and downsize to a more affordable dwelling which requires less upkeep, time and would allow us more financial stability. I have a high pressure job but thankfully, understanding cohorts have been supportive and tolerant of my absences when necessary. The pressure I feel at this time is overwhelming and I feel myself succumbing at times into a place of just let me hide in a corner and let the world leave me alone. I have asked Jesus to guide me, strengthen me and show me the best course of action and to bless that action and give me the strength to do what I need to do. Please God, help us.In Jesus name.


Posted On: 28 Aug 2012

Posted By: Jayshri

C, I am so glad that you found this site and that I am able to pray for you. I hope you find encouragement and hope in knwniog that your grandson is not alone in his struggle with mental illness and you are not alone as a caretaker of a person with mental illness. I pray for strength and encouragement for you as you face this tough battle in helping your grandson and I pray that you would find others who would stand along side you in prayer for him. I pray for your grandson, you, your entire family, and all who are a part of your grandsons life that God's love for your grandson and for each of you would be so apparent that it would completely overwhelm any struggle or pain that his condition may cause. I pray that all selfish agendas and motives would be set aside as people see your grandson through the eyes of his Heavenly Father who lovingly created him and continues to shape and mold him. Since our struggle is not against flesh and blood, I pray against any spiritual forces who may have evil intent for your grandson and/or the people around him. I pray that the enemy would not be allowed access to his life through those he loves and those who are called to love him. I pray not only that lying mouths would be silenced, but also that eyes would be opened to see Truth and love from the true Lord Jesus Christ and that His truth would soften hearts and chase away deceptions and lies. I pray that your grandson would be surrounded by love and support and that he himself would see how special he is. I pray that he would know the love of Christ and the wonderful plan God has for his life. I pray that as he comes to know who God is and who God created him to be, that truth would overcome all lies that he may have been told. Your grandson is a very special young man with a very special purpose (as I'm sure you know). As I was praying for your grandson, God brought a verse to mind- Isaiah 43:1 "Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are mine". I hope and pray that others would also read your prayer request and that your grandson, you, and your family would be completely surrounded and covered by prayer.


Posted On: 27 Aug 2012

Posted By: Jo

pray for recovery from my knee surgery


Posted On: 26 Aug 2012

Posted By: Kim



Posted On: 20 Aug 2012

Posted By: Kim

My son just burnt a Bible, almost burnt down the house and ran out. Thank God I was able to extinguish the fire in time. Please pray for him to change.


Posted On: 20 Aug 2012

Posted By: BEVINN



Posted On: 16 Aug 2012

Posted By: Terrence

Dear all, This is an urgent appeal for prayers for Galvin Sng's dad. His doctor just called to inform that they would put him on the emergency operating theater list tomorrow. They have noticed dry gangrenous tissue on the stump area but believe that it is superficial. What they will do in the theater tomorrow is to open the wound and clean it. If the decayed tissue is indeed just superficial, they would simply remove it and clean up the wound. If not, they would proceed immediately to do an above-knee revision amputation, which we really hope won't happen. Please pray that he will be strong. Pray that God's peace will be with him as he enters the theater tomorrow, whenever it will be. Pray that the affected tissues are limited only to the superficial. If you know him personally, the family will really appreciate that you visit him in person this evening at SGH Ward 58, Room 26, Bed 1, to give him a boost of courage and confidence. He's gone through a lot this year, and we really hope that he won't need to go through another bout of it.


Posted On: 10 Aug 2012

Posted By: Kim

I am depressed because my son likes Satanic music where their videos depict burning of bible and crosses. Please pray for him to change and see the Light.


Posted On: 10 Aug 2012

Posted By: Daniels

I pray that God will bless Singapore and that it will be safe and prosperous for all of us!


Posted On: 07 Aug 2012

Posted By: Isabell

Please pray for my family (my mom, dad & sister) who are non-Christians -> pray that they will get to know God's glory soon! Pray for my spiritual well-being & willingness to listen to God's calling =)


Posted On: 07 Aug 2012

Posted By: Roland Loy

Please pray for my family, 1) My business goes smoothly, no trouble 2) Everyday peacefully, happy & financially blessed, no more money issues 3) Stay healthy.


Posted On: 07 Aug 2012

Dear God, I pray that uncle Philip that he will get well soon and share his testimony! :) And that meeee will get good grades for PSLE! And Claryl will do well in all she does! Bless all those in church who are taking their exams and for the working adults!


Posted On: 30 Jul 2012

Posted By: Tonton

May GOD give me wisdom to run His company, trusting Him to live a life of His calling, faithful in His word, consistency in my devotion, to always be humble. Thank you and GOD bless!


Posted On: 26 Jul 2012

Posted By: Purnima Singh

My two daughter's return to the family of Jesus.


Posted On: 22 Jul 2012

Posted By: Kian Seng

God to help me remove my pride, and help me surrender to Him. And use me to expand His Kingdom!


Posted On: 20 Jul 2012

Posted By: David

Pray that God would cause a revival in my life, to start afresh with Him, and for purpose and meaning in life. Pray that I may find a suitable church to settle down in.


Posted On: 17 Jul 2012

Posted By: Georgia

That my words may please Him in the books I plan to publish and read all over the world. But first I have to write them. I hope that's what God wants. I use to know bu I am not sure...


Posted On: 17 Jul 2012

Posted By: Samuel

Pray for my cellgroup mate, Daisy, who is having a baby. Pray for good heath & protection.


Posted On: 17 Jul 2012

Posted By: Kumar

Pray for my career and crystal.